Use EPANET from Haskell: epanet-haskell

Call the EPANET C toolkit via Haskell's Foreign Function Interface.

Installation via Cabal

You can install epanet-haskell using Cabal:

cabal install epanet-haskell

How to build the example manually

The example was developed and tested using the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (ghc), the Gnu Compiler Collection (gcc) and GNU make on Ubuntu Linux and might need adjustments for other compilers/operating systems. Cabal is not required for the manual build.

  1. To install the compilers and make on Ubuntu Linux, run sudo apt-get install build-essential ghc
  2. Get the epanet-haskell source code
  3. To build the example: make
  4. To run the example: ./epanet_haskell_example


The epanet-haskell module documentation can be viewed on

Source code

Source code is available on Github: epanet-haskell.