Inptools - EPANET, documentation and tools

Inptools bundles the current EPANET version for Windows 7 together with documentation and additional tools to process EPANET INP files.


Windows Explorer integration

The Inptools context menu can be opened by right-clicking on an INP file in Windows Explorer:

Inptools context menu in Explorer

Inptools for Windows Vista, XP and 2000

Inptools 0.2.2 is the last version that supports Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista: inptools-setup-0.2.2-1.exe

Source code

The inptools sources can be found here:


Documentation is available in different formats:


The inp2shp command converts EPANET INP files into a set of shape files for further processing using GIS software.


shp2inp is not functional yet. The following is a description of what the finished product is supposed to do. The shp2inp command will convert a set of shape files representing a water network into an EPANET INP file. This INP file could be used for hydraulic analysis using EPANET.


The inpproj command converts (projects) an INP file with Gauß-Kr├╝ger coordinates (GK3) into a new INP file with geographic (WGS84) coordinates.


epanet2csv converts an EPANET binary result file into two CSV files. CSV files can be read by spreadsheet software like OpenOffice Calc or Excel, relational database software like PostgreSQL or MySQL and GIS software.


Inptools are free software released under the terms of the GPL.

Ubuntu PPA

A personal package archive (PPA) allows Ubuntu users to install Inptools: ppa:sdteffen/ppa. You can install from the PPA using the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sdteffen/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install inptools